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APT Steering Guard | Discovery 1 | Range Rover

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The Raw Facts

  • Heavy duty Steel mounts: 8mm grade 350 MPa steel, integrated recovery eyes, laser cut, cnc folded, zinc primed and power coated satin black
  • Hard wearing Aluminium plate: 6mm 5083 aluminium with ventilation holes to prevent overheating
  •  Top spec Mounting Bolts: zinc plated grade 8.8 & 12.9 high tensile bolts, washers and nyloc nuts
  • Product code: AF1023

Do yourself a favour, go outside and poke your head under the front of your Land Rover Discovery 1.  You’ll see it there, exposed and vulnerable, that’s your pitman arm which attaches to the steering box.  Hit it when you're out 4 wheeling and you’re stuck.  If you want real adventure, you need APT's Australian made Land Rover Discovery 1 Steering Guard.

Australian 4 wheeling means the Steering Guard's plate needs to be tough.  Heavy duty 5083 6mm aluminium makes for a tough plate with the right strength to weight ratio.  Being profiled, the plate slides over rocks and stumps in either forward or reverse while keeping your steering linkages safe.  Holes in the plate are there to allow airflow through to help cool the truck.  If you ever managed to damage this plate (nil returns to date) we can provide you another for you to bolt on and drive away.  Note: 6mm aluminium has the right amount of toughness but still has a level of inherent flex.  If the Discovery 1 hits a rock with a bit of grunt, you want the plate to absorb some of the shock and not transfer all of the impact onto the chassis.  That is why we use 6mm. 

Super duty 8mm 350 MPa steel has been used to create bullet proof mounts.  Integrated recovery eyes allow for the safe recovery of your - or your mate’s - truck.  Profiled to fit with most makes of bars, the mounts are laser cut and cnc folded for a guaranteed precise finish.  Corrosion is not an issue as they are finished in zinc powder prime and satin black powder coating.

Even the fixings are heavy duty.  Zinc plated grade 8.8 & 12.9 high tensile bolts, washers and nyloc nuts.

So whether you are from the eastern seaboard, the west coast or somewhere in-between, go out and enjoy your 4 wheeling in your Disco knowing you have the essential protection on your Rover.  Add this Land Rover Discovery 1 APT Steering Guard to your cart.

Will this steering guard fit your truck?

Defender 90/110/130 Non ABS & ABS To 4A638617 (1983 - 1998) no
Defender 90/110/130 TD5 1998 - 2007 no
Defender 90/110/130 TDCI 2007 onward no
Discovery 1 To JA034313 (1989 - 1992) YES
Discovery 1 From KA034314 to LA081991 (08/1992 - 1995) YES
Discovery 1 Non ABS From MA018992 (1995 – 1999) YES
Discovery 1 With ABS From MA018992 (1996 – 1999) YES
Discovery 2 1998 – 2004 no
Discovery 3 2004 - 2011 no
Discovery 4 2009 onward no
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Imperial to 1981 YES
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Metric 1981 - 1992 YES
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Metric 1992 onward YES
Range Rover P38 1994 - 2002 no