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APT Rock Sliders | Defender 130

$800.00 AUD



play iconDIY Install Land Rover Defender 110 APT Rock Sliders

DIY Install Defender 110 APT Rock Sliders
Here is the install guide for the 110, the 130 is very similar with one extra mount at the rear.  The install is something that is straight forward that you can do in your driveway at home.


  • Full Replacement Sill: 350 MPa Australian RHS (rectangular hollow section) 65mmx35x4 laser cut mig/tig welded
  • Mounting Plate: 350 MPa Australian plate 8mm laser cut
  • Rock Rails: 350 MPa Australian tube 42mmx4.0 laser cut mig/tig welded
  • Bolts: M12 8.8 zinc plated high tensile bolts

Designing specifically for Australian terrain, APT puts the effort into the design process, ensuring the extra details are a defining factor in all of its product.   This means your Australian made Land Rover Defender Rock Sliders are built to actually protect your 130 rather than built for economy.

Your Land Rover Defender 130 will be provided a rock solid protective foundation with 8mm 350MPa laser cut mounts and gussets, 4mm 350 MPa sill section and 4mm rock rails combined with M12 8.8 zinc plated attaching bolts. 

To further strengthen the brace between the vulnerable points of your Land Rover, APT has designed the APT Rock Slider to mount using the existing holes at furthest points from each other.

Tame any terrain in your path , add these APT Rock Sliders to your cart now.