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Land Rover Performance


Ben talks about the APT Offroad journey (so far...)

Vehicles, performance and adventure are in the blood.

Dad is a mechanic by trade so we grew up ‘helping’ him in the Paddington workshop. When ‘help’ wasn't required we hung out in the far back corner of the workshop fabricating, testing and trialling ideas on whatever project was on the go at that time. When not at work, Dad was taking us on some off road adventure or taking us to watch him race. A love of cars and adventure has been in my blood ever since.

Building the dream

With a trade under my belt, I went out and got my first job - a huge $78 per week. According to my pay packet, the only way I was going to afford to build any type of performance vehicle was to build it myself. Every year meant a new challenge, vehicles had to be faster, stronger, more flexible and more reliable. Research and development in those early days meant to drive the car until failure.

17 years later... (this is where the Land Rover love affair began)..

The Queen had one, Lara Croft had one, the Australian Army had lots of them, I thought I should have one too, so, whilst living in the UK for a two year stint, I took the plunge. The Land Rover experience was to be one of the best surprises in my motoring life. It's unique appearance, surprising level of comfort, economy, practicality and it’s understated ability. Many a happy mile was spent travelling behind the wheel.

Turning good into great!

Having returned home, run the family business, met my own handbrake, and purchased my Defender, APT Fabrications was started in order to give the community an alternative to the norm. We help turn a good vehicle into a great vehicle by complimenting it with accessories up to the task of surviving the rigors of our sun burnt Australian conditions. We think about 100% of the design process and provide performance levels that offer the confidence to tackle those adventures you've always dreamed of.

The Land Rover passion continues

APT Offroad is not a job, it's a passion. It’s spending every day thinking of new ways to improve the ability of the Land Rover range of vehicles. Designing, trialling, testing and fabricating the end result is a thrill in itself. Apart from some of the name brands that we stock, we pride ourselves on the fact everything is built here at home.

APT Offroad, keeping the dream alive.