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Defender Steering guard

One of the real luxuries of running APT Offroad is dealing with remarkable people. Land Rover owners vary across all aspects of the 4 wheel driving spectrum and this makes for some extremely interesting testing, constructive feedback, great entertainment and social bonding.

A lot of you have experienced firsthand some of the hidden perils of off roading, some have seen it happen to others and some have avoided it totally. Damage is something we ultimately would like to do without, but how I hear you ask??? My answer to you is …. a sacrifice! I’m not talking a pagan ritual but a reference to protective equipment designed to protect vital components.

steering guard

The aftermath… The APT Offroad Defender steering guard bash plate may look a little worse for wear after taking a 30cm - 40cm drop onto the rocks but the steering linkages are still in perfect working order. As you can see from this image, the centre (line of 3 ventilation holes) and the lower edge have worn the brunt of the impact. Those edges would normally be straight rather than that bowed shape.  The 5083 aluminium is an amazing material, it has taken a massive amount of impact to bow the guard like that… it has served its purpose well. The plate was repaired and is still in service today. 

In order to give you some perspective of how this happened and what the APT Offroad equipment has to endure...


This is certainly at the more extreme end of 4wheel driving, the same damage though can happen driving on flat ground in long grass on an unseen tree stump. 4 wheel driving is different for everyone but enjoyed all the same.

APT Offroad wishes to thank Steve for his support, fearless approach to Defender ownership and constructive communication.

Do you have a story about your APT equipment that you would like to share?  If so, please send us an email.