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Defender 110 and 130 Tdi Fuel Tank Guard



play iconLand Rover Defender APT Fuel Tank Guard

Defender APT Fuel Tank GuardArmour for your Land Rover Defender Fuel Tank


  • - 4mm 350 MPa steel
  • - Laser cut
  • - Zinc primed and powder coated black - flaw in the powder coat 
  • - Uses existing mounts
  • - Access to drain plug
  • - No chassis modification required

On sale, as there is a flaw in the powder coating.

Long distance touring, driving in remote locations, or hard 4x4ing with your family and  mates requires a certain level of surety and safety.  APT fully understand Australian conditions and our lifestyle so we have designed this essential protection for your Land Rover Defender 110 and Defender 130 Tdi fuel tank.

APTs Fuel Tank Guard for Defender 110 Tdi and Defender 130 Tdi is designed to use the existing mounts to give you the vital protection required.  To make sure you get the right combination of weight and strength APT uses premium 4mm grade 350 MPa steel (higher grade of steel than most).  Laser cut and precision folded to ensure a snug fit to protect your fuel tank from the dents and punctures it is regularly exposed to.  Strategically folded, the profile of the design adds superior strength and allows access to the drain plug and requires no chassis modification.  Note: APT firmly believes that you need to know what materials are being used to make your Land Rover protective equipment which is why we make a point to telling you what thickness and grade of material is used in our products.


Will this APT Fuel Tank Guard fit your Land Rover?

Defender 90/110/130 Non ABS & ABS To 4A638617 (1983 - 1998) YES 110 & 130 Tdi 1991 - 1998
Defender 90/110/130 TD5 1998 - 2007 no
Defender 90/110/130 TDCI 2007 onward no
Discovery 1 To JA034313 (1989 - 1992) no
Discovery 1 From KA034314 to LA081991 (08/1992 - 1995) no
Discovery 1 Non ABS From MA018992 (1995 – 1999) no
Discovery 1 With ABS From MA018992 (1996 – 1999) no
Discovery 2 1998 – 2004 no
Discovery 3 2004 - 2011 no
Discovery 4 2009 onward no
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Imperial to 1981 no
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Metric 1981 - 1992 no
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Metric 1992 onward no
Range Rover P38 1994 - 2002 no