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SuperPro Radius Arm To Diff Mount Bushing | Defender | Discovery 1 | Range Rover


SuperPro Bushes | radius arm to diff mount bushing

  • Constant steering geometry
  • Better on road handling and control
  • Traction control
  • More responsive steering
  • Longer service life of suspension parts
  • Increased tyre life
  • Extra off road stability
  • Alignment correction and stability
  • Requires 1 kit per vehicle
  • Single kit contains 4 inner tubes and 4 bushings
  • Crush tube length 54mm, no outer shell on bushing



  • Discovery Series 1 3/1991 - 1999
  • 90,110,130 Defender & County - LA & YA Chassis County & Defender 300TDI LA On & TD5 YA On 1993 - 2002
  • Defender 2002 - On Late Defender 2002 - On
  • Range Rover Wagon 4WD 1/1986 - 2/1987
  • Range Rover Wagon 4WD 3/1987 - 8/1992
  • Range Rover Wagon 4WD ( Air Suspension ) 10/1992 - 4/1995


What is so good about the SuperPro elastomer?  SuperPro uses a polyurethane elastomer uniquely blended to give an extremely durable material with the best features of rubber and plastic.  SuperPro is not affected by petrochemicals and its mechanical properties create the ideal material for automotive applications, giving that 'new car feel' for the remaining life of a vehicle.  SuperPro bushings remain constant in their durometer (hardness), even under the most strenuous off road adventuring.

What about the steelwork?  SuperPro bushes use engineered crush tubes and shells for longer life and to eliminate slippage.   The crush tube is an integral component of the suspension system and allows for free pivoting.  SuperPro's careful attention to hardness and design gives a long service life.


SuperPro is Australian owned and manufactures these Land Rover accessories here in Australia.