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Avenger Mako TDS12.0 Winch

Winch type

Reliability is the key ingredient

Reliability is the key ingredient when travelling through the harsh conditions Australia provides. APT offers you the peace of mind you need with the Avenger winches. Quality is everything with recovery gear, it needs to be there when you need it the most, this is why APT brings to you this great product.

Avenger Mako TDS 12.0 Winch

With all the standard waterproofing features as the Mako TDS9.5 the Mako TDS 12,000lb winch will give you that little bit extra GRUNT........

All the features you have ever wanted in a winch are now in one box


What's in the box?

  • Your new Mako TDS 12,000lb winch
  • Control box with sealed solenoids
  • 27 m of steel wire rope or synthetic rope (your choice)
  • 5m control lead with operation indicators
  • 1.5m battery cables
  • Heavy duty 4way roller fairlead (steel wire) or machined alloy hawse fairlead (synthetic rope)
  • Heavy duty 22,000lb snatch block
  • Mounting hardware
  • Instruction manual & footprint layout
  • Hand saver strap


  • Line pull: 5,442kgs/12,000lbs
  • Motor: 12V/6.0HP 24V/3.6HP
  • Gear Train: Three stage
  • Gear Ratio: 254:1
  • Frees pooling Clutch: Rotating ring gear
  • Wire Rope Size: Φ3/8"×90'(Φ9.5mm×27m)
  • Wire Rope Type: Aircraft A7×19
  • Drum Size: Φ2.5"×9" (Φ63.5mm×229mm)

Line Pull

Layer of Wire Rope   Max Line Pull
1 12,000lbs/5,442kgs
2 9,789lbs/4,445kgs
3 8,723lbs/3,760kgs
4 7,199lbs/3,255kgs

Line Speed and AMP draw (1st layer of rope on the drum)

Load Line Speed  AMP Draw(12V) AMP Draw(24V)
No Load 29.3FPM/9MPM 60 40
2,000lbs/907kgs   13FPM/4MPM 116 87
4,000lbs/1,814kgs   9.8FPM/3MPM 141 110
6,000lbs/2,722kgs 7.9FPM/2.4MPM 178 129
8,000lbs/3,650kgs 6.9FPM/2.1MPM 224 165
9,500lbs/4,309kgs 6.2FPM/1.9MPM 238 185
11,000lbs/5,000kgs 4.9FPM/1.5MPM 270 214
12,000lbs/5,442kgs    4.5FPM/1.4MPM 285 217