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APT Rear Super Flex Coils | 2 " Lift


The unique double tapered progressive pitch is what provides the total ride experience. Great load carrying capacity, complete comfort over all terrain and the ability to stay connected when combined with extra, long travel shocks. These are the complete coil- first of its kind in the world.

Finally, the complete coil

  • Massive 590 mm free height
  • Compresses back to ride at a plus 2” lift
  • A progressive 590mm coil that absorbs more bumps – comfort progressive coil
  • It’s still a big coil that handles the loads
  • Air bag compatible if you are carrying extreme loads
  • At 590mm tall – there is no need for noisy dislocation cones
  • Price is for a pair


  • Keep your Defender compliant with these +2” (+50mm) rear coils
  • Enjoy a new level of comfort – from no load up to 150 kg
  • On road and off road comfort with a progressive double tapered design
  • Skinnier coils at each end soften out smaller bumps when off-roading and general driving
  • Progressively thicker ‘taper’ coils smoothly soften out the ride when soft or heavy 4wding
  • The progressive ‘gap’ between the layers of the coils soften the rebound rate
  • The coil length means there is 590mm of positive ‘pushing’ pressure when your Defender is articulating.  Whereas a shorter, heavily retained coil provides negative ‘pulling’ pressure which is not as smooth or controlled
  • Spring rate – 100-160/240-320-340 – weight activation of the coil
  • Increased articulation / Performance
  • Maximise the suspension potential of the vehicle when these springs coupled with long travel shocks and extended brake lines
  • These springs stand a massive 590mm tall /  free height (uncompressed height of the coil) compared to the average free height of most +2” springs that are somewhere around  430mm
  • No need for dislocation cones which means no horrible grinding sound of springs relocating

Load carrying Capacity

  • Versatile - suits vehicles carrying no load, loaded or very heavily loaded (best couple with airbags when carrying heavy loads over 150 kg).  Airbags can be easily depressurised when going from very heavy loads to no load
  • Suits vehicles that live off road, go off road occasionally or never leave the black top
  • If your vehicle is exclusively used for heavy loads with no off-roading then a linear rate spring will represent better value.  We recommend you contact us for the best tailored option

Material and processes used in manufacture

  • X5K High Stress steel
  • Scragged solid
  • Long travel Defender rear coil, price is for a pair
  • Due to their length, spring compressors will definitely be needed when installing

Extra Info

  • 19 kg
  • Powder coated yellow
  • Built for the harshest terrain on earth - 100% Australian made
  • Product Code: APT-001

Will these coil springs fit your Land Rover?

Defender 90 Rear   No
Defender 110 Rear Only   Yes
Defender 130 Rear Only   Yes
Discovery 1 To JA034313 (1989 - 1992)  No
Discovery 1 From KA034314 to LA081991 (08/1992 - 1995) No
Discovery 1 Non ABS From MA018992 (1995 – 1999) No
Discovery 1 With ABS From MA018992 (1996 – 1999) No
Discovery 2 1998 – 2004 No
Discovery 3 2004 - 2009 No
Discovery 4 2009 onward No
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Imperial to 1981    No
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Metric 1981 – 1992  No
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Metric 1992 onward   No
Range Rover P38  1994 – 2002    with coil conversion     No