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APT Chromoly 4130 Drag Link 4 Ball Joint | Discovery 1 | Range Rover




* 4130 Chromoly 6.36 mm tube – incredibly strong with a level of inherent flex to reduce the likelihood of shearing tie rood ends

* Specifically designed for the Land Rover Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic means the Drag Link is less prone to failure

* Adjustable at both ends helps get the steering adjustments right

* Zinc primed and powder coated satin black

* Heavy Duty lock nuts with custom cut left hand and right hand threads

3 things are needed to successfully drive your Land Rover  - GO, STOP and STEER.   APT know this and have manufactured this APT 4130 Chromoly Drag Link in Australia specifically for the Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic to ensure the safe steering of your truck in Australia’s tough conditions.

The drag link connects the steering box and the passenger wheel on the Land Rover, it sits low where it is vulnerable to hits when 4x4 ing. It is also prone to damage from excessive compression loads when steering the weight of the vehicle against a rock or embankment.  These compression loads and hits while 4 wheeling can result in the thin factory wall of the drag link bending. With the right tools, it is possible to straighten the drag link enough to allow you to drive home but your safety is now compromised so the 4 wheeling adventure is over for the day. 

The APT Drag link is made from super duty 4130 tube chromoly which is 6.36 mm thick and is a massive 760 MPa.  The standard mild steel used in many drag links is 200MPa, making the APT drag link nearly 4 times stronger.  The reason APT uses tube rather than a solid steel bar is so the drag link has an inherent amount of flex.  When the solid bar does not flex when it takes a decent hit, it transfers the energy to the next weakest point… and shears your tie rod ends (and you are stuck).  

Designed to specifically fit the Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic, the APT Chromoly 4130 Drag Link 4 Ball Joint is less prone to failure and is a straight drop in replacement.  Precisely machined left and right hand threads means you can reuse your original tie rod ends and enjoy a straight forward adjustment at alignment time. Quality heavy duty lock nuts are machined out of 1020 steel.  

 Don’t get stuck trackside with an impossible repair.


Will this fit my Land Rover?

Defender 90/110/130 Non ABS & ABS To 4A638617 (1983 - 1998) no
Defender 90/110/130 TD5 1998 - 2007 no
Defender 90/110/130 TDCI 2007 onward no
Discovery 1 To JA034313 (1989 - 1992) YES
Discovery 1 From KA034314 to LA081991 (08/1992 - 1995) YES
Discovery 1 Non ABS From MA018992 (1995 – 1999) YES
Discovery 1 With ABS From MA018992 (1996 – 1999) YES
Discovery 2 1998 – 2004 no
Discovery 3 2004 - 2011 no
Discovery 4 2009 onward no
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Imperial to 1981 YES
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Metric 1981 - 1992 YES
Range Rover Classic Non ABS Metric 1992 onward YES
Range Rover P38 1994 - 2002 no