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APT WARN 11000kg Snatch Strap


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Hmmm, you know what it's like, 2 more metres and I would have made it...

Whether you're stuck up to your axles or against that impassable ledge, APT have the gear of choice to get you going.

APT will get you out regardless of whether you need to be snatched out of that sticky situation or gently pulled over that awkward obstacle. This 11000kg rated Snatch Strap is 9m long and 100% Nylon, it is designed to absorb the shock of heavy loads while the elastic rebound energy of the nylon aids in quick recoveries. The end loops are reinforced with abrasion protective eyes to ensure the strap is there again when you need it the most and offer you continual use.

Never use a snatch strap in a winching operation, only use winch extension straps or tree trunk protectors.

This is an absolute essential in everyone's recovery collection, add to cart now to make sure you don't leave home without it.